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With Us... Never a Conflict Of Interest

 " Maintaining  Exclusive Representation - Throughout The Buying Process - Is The Cornerstone Of A Pro Buyer Negotiation."


Traditional agents whose company works both sides of the business - meaning they represent sellers by listing homes, and at the same time work with Buyers, are in a CONFLICT OF INTEREST with Buyers.

How can an agent negotiate in the Buyers best interest when they are representing Sellers ?

The Answer is;          They Simply Cannot

  • This Conflict Of Interest Has Cost Thousands Of Buyers Millions. And This Conflict Continues Even Today !
  • 99% Of The Real Estate Companies Knowingly Expose Buyers To This Money Losing Conflict Of Interest !
  • An agents willingness to SWITCH from "One Minute I'm For You To Now I'm Not", way of doing business is wrong!
  • We Have A Better Way To Buy A Home . . .

We Negotiate For Lowest Price

 On Any Home You Choose

You would expect that the agent showing you homes is your agent - looking out for you - negotiating for lowest price, on any home you choose.

Traditional Agents claim to represent buyers, but most reserve the right to switch to money losing "DUAL Agency ".

"A Buyer's Advocate Agent Guarantees Full Representation"

Traditional agents & agent TEAMS claim to represent buyers but the law prohibits it, if they are showing you one of their listings or their company's listings. They switch to a reduced level of representation.

Why use an agent that might represent you , when you can use one that definitely will ?

We do business One Way - 100% Representation on 100% Of The Listed Properties.

You will Never owe a fee to A Buyer's Advocate Agent.


Eric Kruse  "Broker"

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