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Welcome to your "Exclusive" Home Buyer Site!. My passion, since I formed The Buyer's Advocate Realtors 20 years ago, has been to provide buyers solid information to help them through the home buying or building process the right way. You will see why Home Buyers need more than a simple Buyer's Agent. We will show you how to maximize your buyer leverage in a way that 99% of the traditional agents cannot and will not provide.

Enjoy . . .and feel free to call my personal phone anytime with any question.

Eric Kruse   256-990-1323
 The Numbers are in
 In 2010 - 
2900 Buyers received reduced levels of representation. Over 1/3 Of the Buyers in my market 

 In 2011
2978 Buyers received reduced levels of representation.Again Over 1/3 Of the Buyers in my market !


About Eric . . .

Eric has been a Licensed Broker in Huntsville Al. for over 20 years.

He was the first broker in Alabama to practice Buyer Brokerage. He has carried Buyer Brokerage to the highest level by choosing to represent buyers Exclusively, meaning his company never takes listings from Sellers.

Since then, other traditional agents have advertised that they also represent Buyers, but fall into the "Conflict Of Interest" trap because their company also represents Sellers.

Eric believes an agents willingness to offer the " One Minute I'm For The Buyer - The Next Minute I'm Not", way of doing business is wrong.

He offers Full Unrestricted Buyer Only Representation on any Multiple Listed Home .

The Buyer's Advocate is a No Fee Buyer broker . . . . meaning the Buyer is NEVER Obligated to have to pay a fee to The Buyer's Advocate on Any Home, at any time, for any reason.

 Eric is also a Licensed Builder. He holds a "Graduate Master Builder" designation.                                                                          

Knowing how a home is built, and how a builder thinks, helps him identify Pro Buyer opportunities in the negotiation, in either a "Pre-Built", or an Existing New Home situation.

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Eric Kruse  Exclusive Buyer Broker
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